Discover The Impact of 10-Year Thinking


Are all your actions taken with at least a 10-year time frame in mind? Today, we’re going to talk about Ten-Year Thinking and why it can shift how you accomplish things, and how much impact you’re creating daily. 

A lot of people can’t see ten years ahead. They stay focused on one big goal, and tell themselves that they’ll think beyond that once they achieve that. But we’re driven – that next achievement is never going to be enough. 

When you can see ten years ahead at all times, you gain clarity. You know what is for you, and what is not for you.  You gain the ability to create more impact, and to leverage the time in your life. You gain peace.

Take a moment to think of three decisions you’ve made this week. For each one, break down:

  • Is this a decision that you could keep for the next ten years?
  • If not, how many years would this serve me?

Chances are, you’ve made some decisions that may feel exciting in this moment, but may not feel as exciting or impactful five, ten, or twenty years from now. Will you want to be doing those things then? How will they affect you, your business, your loved ones?

You may find that what felt like smaller decisions before have greater importance when you look ten years ahead. What social networks you’re on, for example, may have a different feel when you consider if you want to be showing up on them ten years from now. 

When you shift to long-range thinking, time will slow down. You’ll regain time, and clarity. You’ll accomplish more, and greater things. But in order to get there, you have to know where you’re going. 

I encourage you to join Rob for a special one-hour interactive workshop on March 5th: Discover The Magic of 10-Year Thinking to get more clarity on your next ten years, and how you’ll be creating impact in the world around you. You’ll walk away with a draft of your 10-Year Thinking Vision, and strategies to use it to gain tremendous impact in your life.