Duality of Being Driven


The past week I’ve found myself talking a lot about the blessing and curse of being a driven entrepreneur. 

You know the blessings well. This is the superhuman stamina I frequently talk about, which gives you the ability to create and produce in a way that others can only imagine. 

You also know the curse well, but you may ignore or deny it. It’s recognizing that others don’t understand you. It’s noticing that your presence may often be split. Your body is with your loved ones, but your brain is a million miles away. Even if you’re aware of some of the ways it shows up, you may tell yourself that it’s only until that next big milestone. There’s always another milestone though, so the cycle continues. 

For many of us, our businesses become an addiction. It feeds our dopamine cravings, while also distracting you enough from any internal discomfort. We can get lost in the ups and downs of business, and never have to pause to take a look within to see what’s shifting beneath the surface.

I ask you three questions this week.

1. Where’s one time in the past seven days that your presence was split? How could you change that?

2. What is one decision you made this week out of impulse, anxiety, or fear? What could it have looked like if you paused and made the decision out of love instead of dopamine?

3. Did you give yourself enough time to rest, recharge, and reconnect with your loved ones? What could you do differently?

Commit to making one small change this upcoming week. Notice the difference. 

We’ll be talking more about the duality being driven over the next Shine and Shed podcast episodes. If you haven’t yet caught up, I encourage you to listen.