Shed the layers between you and success. Maximize clarity, focus, and inner peace.

You can be driven and  have peace.

In just ten weeks, create balance between your energy, impact, and inner peace.


It’s easy for you to think about what comes next. To create the next strategy, to come up with the next idea, to focus on the next milestone you’ll achieve. What you accomplish in your outer world may look impossible to many.

You are driven. Your normal doesn’t look like most people’s. What you accomplish and what you’re capable of looks superhuman to many around you.

But your inner world hasn’t received as much focus. Hidden beneath your outer world successes (all those accolades, ideas, and great accomplishments) is emotional, mental, and physical pain.


Your drive keeps you continuously moving forward. But if you look closely…you’re leaving a trail of damage in your wake. You’re doing a lot of damage to yourself, and the people around you with your intensity.

It’s time to learn how to harness your drive and understand your True Self.

It’s time to balance your inner and outer worlds so you can maximize inner peace and outer accomplishments.


Gain clarity, focus, and maximized results by learning to balance your inner and outer worlds.

Unlock Clarity and Focus

Eliminate distractions and zero in on your aligned path. The 10 Disciplines Group Coaching program is designed to help you shed the layers that are holding you back, gain unparalleled clarity, and maximize your focus.

Become A Better Leader

Elevate your leadership style and inspire those around you. Develop the skills to lead with confidence and empathy. Learn how to let go of fear-based decisions, set boundaries, and create an environment where both you and your team can thrive.

Manage Your Life With Peace

Cultivate inner peace and resilience to handle challenges with ease. Experience the tranquility of inner peace without sacrificing your ambition. With The 10 Disciplines, you will master techniques to manage stress, avoid burnout, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


The True Self Process helps you look inward to unlock true entrepreneurial freedom.

Assess where you are in your True Self journey with The True Self Assessment.

Understand who you are and why you’re making the decisions you’re making in your life. Protect your time and energy so you have space in your mind and time in your life to show up and be more present.

Once you are free, then you can truly Shine. Create greater impact while experiencing immense inner peace.

120 Clients Served
(And increasing!)

100% Client Satisfaction

9.5 Average
Session Score


You can be driven and have peace.

Instead of putting attention solely on your achievements, stay focused on the path to peace, and fulfillment.

The 10 Disciplines helps you do this by guiding you through a journey that builds on itself, week after week.

We start by Understanding You. We dive into 5 disciplines that help you understand yourself as a leader, entrepreneur, and the person underneath it all. Start making better decisions by understanding what’s motivating them.

We move into Protecting You. We discover 5 additional disciplines that help you show up better for everyone in your life and everyone you meet. That help you become better in business, life, and satisfaction.

Finally, you can begin Freeing You. Unlocking your true entrepreneurial freedom. Stepping into more than you’ve even dreamed of (and yes, that is possible!).

You can be driven and  have peace.

Let us show you how.



What you’re still searching for in life (peace and true fulfillment) is your destination. The 10 Disciplines are how you get there. Master the 10 Disciplines and you’ll have the time, energy, and clarity to allow true peace into your life.

With 10 live Zoom sessions, Rob Dube guides you through the Disciplines to ensure you master each. The sessions are designed specifically for your busy life. They are fast-paced, experiential working sessions, promoting interaction and connection with your fellow members.

As an entrepreneur with Driven DNA, you already have a growth mindset. We created the perfect balance of not too much information, and not enough. 90% of learning is active, allowing you to implement and master quickly. We designed the sessions to keep you consistently engaged.





Renee Russo testimonial

The 10 Disciplines opened my eyes to 10 simple practices that have helped me focus my mind, prioritize my time, and move steadily towards my goals.

“The coaching and workshop sessions provided practical guidance on implementing these techniques and instilled the confidence I needed to delve deeper into self-development and personal mastery. Rob and Gino’s masterful approach made the program simple, practical, and easy to follow.

I continue to incorporate these disciplines into my daily life, and I now feel more in control of my health and happiness than ever before.”

Renee Russo
Certified EOS Implementer®


10 live Zoom sessions guided by Rob Dube

You won’t just be staring at a screen. These sessions are working sessions, designed to help you create results quickly. Recordings of each session are available to ensure you can process as often as you want, when you want.

Breakout rooms to help you dive deeper

In each session, we utilize breakout rooms to give you space to discover what’s underneath your existing patterns – and why.

Access to The 10 Disciplines Curriculum to go even deeper

10 thorough teaching videos taught by Gino Wickman and an exclusive interview with Gino (led by Rob) after each teaching. Each lesson ends with action steps and resources to guide you through.

Community of like-minded driven entrepreneurs

Being driven doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Do the work with others who understand.

Access to valuable resources curated by Gino Wickman and Rob Dube

In any area where you want to explore more, we’ve provided the same resources we’ve used to further ourselves.

Go Even Deeper In Freeing Your True Self

Enroll in the bundle and shed layers in this unique, limited-time opportunity: Build your foundation with the 10 Disciplines and go deeper within the True Self Mastermind.

What is the True Self Mastermind?

The True Self Mastermind is an exclusive, year-long program that guides you through a transformative journey. By joining, you will:

  • Shed Limiting Beliefs: Identify and release the mental and emotional barriers holding you back.
  • Gain Clarity and Focus: Discover your True Self and align your actions with your deepest values and goals.
  • Experience Inner Peace: Cultivate a sense of calm and fulfillment, even amidst the demands of entrepreneurship.
  • Elevate Your Leadership: Enhance your leadership skills, making you more effective and empathetic in your professional and personal life.

What You’ll Receive

  • Monthly 90 Minute Mastermind Sessions: Shed layers monthly with teachings and experiences guided within a safe space.
  • Exclusive Resources: Access to tools, exercises, and materials designed to support your inner journey created by Gino Wickman and Rob Dube.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with a community of like-minded driven entrepreneurs committed to personal and professional growth.


September 16th - December 9th, 2024

Sessions take place every Monday from 1-2 PM ET.

The weeks of October 14th, November 11th, and November 25th are skip weeks.

Feel free to use this time to catch up!

Group Coaching Program

Implement and master each of The 10 Disciplines in 10 weeks.
$ 4,400
  • 10 live group coaching sessions
  • The 10 Disciplines Video Curriculum
  • Connected Community

Group Coaching Program + Mastermind

Combine the 10 Disciplines Group Coaching Program with the True Self Mastermind for 1 year and 10 weeks of support.
$ 15,000
  • 10 live group coaching sessions
  • The 10 Disciplines Video Curriculum
  • Connected Community
  • One year in the True Self Mastermind

September 16th - December 9th, 2024

Mondays from 1-2 PM ET
The weeks of October 14th, November 11th, and November 25th are skip weeks.

Mastermind sessions take place monthly from 11am-12:30pm ET.

*Only 2 spots available with Rob. These are likely the last coaching sessions of the year available with Rob.

Group Coaching Pricing

Act Now

Available until July 15th only!


Early Bird

Available until August 15th


Regular Pricing


Exclusive Bundle: Mastermind + Group Coaching Pricing

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Available until July 15th only!


Early Bird

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Regular Pricing




If you’re on the fence, here are some thoughts to help you decide...


  • You’re a visionary, integrator, or someone who sits on the leadership team
  • You have a driven nature
  • You’re constantly busy – sometimes just to distract yourself
  • Working in your business feels emotionally safest
  • Peace and fulfillment have eluded you so far


  • You’re not ready to put focus on your inner world right now
  • You can’t make space for an hour of growth a week
  • You don’t feel comfortable mixing personal and business development
  • Peace or fulfillment aren’t goals of yours
Matt Clement

Worked at together, the 10 Disciplines are life altering.

“When I think of important texts, ancient or modern, it is the interconnectness of the message – the way each element is woven into a complete package – that makes them so powerful. It is no overreach to call The 10 Disciplines a complete package. Each discipline relates to each other and supports the others in a powerful way.”

Matt Clement
President, Emerald Retirement Group, Inc

About Your Guide

Gino Wickman

An entrepreneur since the age of 21, Gino has had an obsession for learning what makes businesses and entrepreneurs thrive.

Based on his years of real-world experience, Gino created the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), a practical method for helping companies achieve greatness.  Gino has personally delivered more than 2,000 full-day sessions for more than 135 companies, helping them implement EOS. He is also the author of the award-winning, best-selling book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, which has sold over 1 million copies, as well as five other books in the Traction Library that have sold almost 2 million copies.

Gino has spent decades working with entrepreneurs by helping them master their outside world. Now he is excited to share the teachings and tools he’s learned to begin mastering his inner world. 

Gino Wickman
Rob Dube

Rob Dube

For over 30 years, Rob has been thriving as a purpose-driven entrepreneur. He is the co-Founder of imageOne which has won dozens of awards for its people-first and purpose-driven culture. Rob is also the author of donothing: the Most Rewarding Leadership Journey You Will Ever Take, the host of the Leading with Genuine Care podcast, and host of the Do Nothing Leadership Retreat in Colorado.

Mastering the 10 Disciplines provided Rob the space in his life to create a succession plan that included bringing in a CEO to run imageOne, giving him the freedom to focus on making a greater impact in the world by helping entrepreneurs free their True Self. 

Philip Pfeifer

Philip dedicates his life’s work to empowering visionary entrepreneurs to navigate uncharted paths in their businesses and personal lives. With an unwavering belief that there’s always a new way forward, he has spent over five years and conducted 300 sessions as a Certified EOS Implementer, guiding entrepreneurs and leaders to shatter their limitations and step into their full potential.

Leveraging insights from his rich background as a fifth-generation entrepreneur and his extensive experience in leadership roles within Fortune 500 companies, Philip cultivates deep connections with his clients. Above all, he serves as a trusted guide, supporting his clients as they carve out their own distinctive and impactful journeys in the world.

Moved by his own work with The 10 Disciplines, he is excited to share the teachings and tools he’s learned to other driven entrepreneurs, and empower others to reach unprecedented heights in their personal and professional endeavors.

Rob's Intention For You

At the end of our time together, I expect your life to be changed. Every one of these disciplines has changed my life – my business, my relationships, my presence. I want the same for you.

We became entrepreneurs to find our freedom and to change the world for the better. But we become dependent on the adrenaline and stress to keep us going.

Let’s unlock your true entrepreneurial freedom.

The 10 Disciplines taught me how to enjoy the entrepreneur ride in a new way.

I reached a point in my life where I was looking for the skills and inspiration to move to my next level. When Rob Dube told me about The 10 Disciplines program, I knew right away it was exactly what I needed. And it didn’t disappoint! I learned how to experience more peace, time, satisfaction and joy, while still building my business (and life). I recommend the program to anyone looking to take their game to next levels, while experiencing a more peaceful and soulful way of doing it. ” 

David Mammano
Speaker and Author


We believe strongly in the results you’ll get from implementing The 10 Disciplines into your life.

 If even only one discipline sets off a lightbulb for you, we know it will create results that are worth it.

But if you aren’t satisfied for any reason within 30 days, you can receive 100% of your money back.

120 Clients Served
(And increasing!)

100% Client Satistifaction

9.5 Average
Session Score

I have been an entrepreneur almost my entire life. Whenever I was asked what could take me to another level I would always say the same thing. “I wish I was more disciplined.”

“Until I was introduced to the 10 disciplines program I don’t think I really understood the power of focusing on the “right disciplines.” That is what The 10 Disciplines did for me. It’s an incredible guide for what to focus on every day that will drive your growth exponentially both personally and professionally.

Creating my 10 year vision and reading it at least once per week is incredibly inspiring. I have stopped doing $25.00 an hour work, giving me more time for my personal life and work that creates real growth and profits. Even preparing every night and saying no often has helped me to start my day ready, focused and productive.

I can’t recommend this program enough. It has taken me to a level of productivity and peace of mind I never thought was achievable.”

Joel Pearlman
CEO, The Dani Plan

Choose Your Program TIER

The 10 Disciplines Group Coaching Program is intentionally designed to ensure a personalized and intimate coaching experience. Register early to save your spot.

Group Coaching Pricing

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Available until July 15th only!


Early Bird

Available until August 15th


Regular Pricing


Exclusive Bundle: Mastermind + Group Coaching Pricing

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Available until July 15th only!


Early Bird

Available until August 15th


Regular Pricing


“The 10 Disciplines is a simple manual and step by step guide to self-awareness and growth. With the help and coaching from Gino, Rob, and the community who have joined them, I am doing the work and seeing things open before me. “

Dawn Abbott
Coach, EOS Facilitator, Author

“I have found a community of people, like myself, who are working hard to improve themselves in The 10 Disciplines Coaching program.”

Roderick Walker
CEO, Tavros Care

“The 10 Disciplines provided me with the ability to think creatively and confidently about the future.”

Keith Jacoby
CEO, Clarity Wealth





Create More Impact and Feel Peace While Doing It

Harness Your Drive

Learn how to honor your innate energy, your constant flow of ideas, and find the flow state where you thrive and work best.

Understand Your True Self

Underneath everything, understand who you are and why you make the decisions you’re making.

Protect Your Time and Energy

Learn how to regain space in your mind and time in your life.

The 10 Disciplines Group Program was life-changing.

“Each week was a relaxing, thoughtful journey to discovering my true self in the midst of all the chaos. I am deeply inspired and ready for the rest of my life. I recommend this program for anyone who is a driven entrepreneur.”

Mike Gruley
Certified EOS Implementer®


We know you. We’ve been  where you are.

Sitting at the kitchen table, but thinking about your next action, your next milestone, your next challenge. Every single moment of your life seeming busy, filled with all the things you need to do.

Doing whatever you can to keep climbing the mountain. Certain that the next big milestone will have you feeling like you’re at the apex.

But somehow…it never does.

This all changed for us when we started implementing The 10 Disciplines into our life, weaving them together to create a momentum stronger than just a single discipline on their own.

Finally, one day Rob said to Gino, “I want to help you bring The 10 Disciplines to the world.”

We knew how powerful The 10 Disciplines had been in our lives and businesses, but we continue to be amazed seeing how powerful this work has been for each and every one of our clients.

This is how we build a foundation to open up space in your mind and time in your life to move closer to your True Self.

We hope you join us.

Stay focused and much love,
Gino Wickman & Rob Dube


Unlike a book, an intimate coaching container like The 10 Disciplines Coaching Program offers you the opportunity to ask your questions and receive coaching that’s tailored to your situation.  

Plus, when you throw a vibrant community of like-minded people with similar desires and goals into the mix, your chances of success grow tenfold.

The book gives you the foundation. The program helps you put into practice in the now.

We take pride in you being able to get full results with only an hour a week needed.

To get the most out of the program, it’s best to attend the 10, hour-long sessions (or watch the replay). That said, we are aware that driven entrepreneurs like you have busy schedules. This is why we’ve set the program up in a way that allows some flexibility to miss live sessions and still keep up. We expect you to be able to miss up to four sessions.

If there are a number of Core Sessions you feel you will miss, we encourage you to sign up for the VIP Edition (limited space available). This will provide you with a higher touch and ensure you properly complete the work outside of the Core sessions. 

We designed this program knowing that it’s likely for you to miss 1-3 sessions. We understand that you are already working with a full schedule, here’s how we can help: 

  • Every coaching session is recorded and you can watch/re-watch them as many times as you like during the 120 day access period.
  • You can upgrade to VIP status and receive bi-weekly, 1:1 coaching with Rob to heighten your accountability and accelerate your progress. 
  • You have two weeks off during this program that you can use to play catch up on the content.
You’re Driven. Your outer world will always contain more possibilities for you. And you’ll be able to achieve them sooner once you’ve shed your shit, know and told your inner story, and freed your true self.
Let’s be honest – if you were going to do that, you’d have done it already.

You’re busy. You have a million ideas racing through your brain. It’s easy for you to find something else to fill your time with. Doing this work inside a community where you’re committed to show up ensures that you get results now.

Most things out there are created for the entrepreneur who is only focused on your outer world – simply hitting those achievements, and striving harder. Unfortunately, that’s the slow road to success, and it still doesn’t guarantee fulfillment. 

The 10 Disciplines Coaching Program is for the entrepreneur who’s spent a lot of time and energy focusing on your “outer world” and now you’re looking to go beyond just your achievements and build a fulfilling life full of passion, creativity, and purpose.

This means getting uncomfortable, unlearning processes, going deep, achieving aha moments, and so much more so you can create a stronger impact on your psyche, loved ones, and the community at large.

Of course! You can text us at (313) 351-9220.

Or if you’d like to talk to a previous Group Coaching participant, text us and we can introduce you to someone from a previous cohort.

Maximize clarity, focus, and inner peace.
Gain the space in your mind to be more productive, more fulfilled, and more at peace.

Thanks to The 10 Disciplines, I feel empowered to become the best version of myself.

“I now have a clear sense of direction, a solid foundation of discipline, and the tools to manage my creativity and energy. I wholeheartedly recommend this coaching program to anyone seeking to take control of their time, maximize productivity, and unlock their full potential.”

Rachel Lebowitz
Certified EOS Implementer®


In just ten weeks, create balance between your energy, impact, and inner peace.

Choose Your Program TIER

The 10 Disciplines Group Coaching Program is intentionally designed to ensure a personalized and intimate coaching experience. Register early to save your spot.

Group Coaching Program

Implement and master each of The 10 Disciplines in 10 weeks.


(Price increases to $4400 on March 4th)

  • 10 live group coaching sessions
  • The 10 Disciplines curriculum
  • Community + resources

Add VIP Support

Add 4 one-hour 1:1 sessions with Rob Dube to your Group Coaching experience.


(Price increases to $9900 on March 4th)

  • 4 one hour 1:1 sessions with Rob
  • 10 live group coaching sessions
  • The 10 Disciplines curriculum
  • Community + resources

*Only 2 remaining