Living in Flowt


What does it feel like to be in flow while working and literally floating through all aspects of your life? Or, as Gino and I call it, Flowt. 

It’s a unique feeling that we don’t strive for. It just happens. It unfolds in front of us if we have the proper foundation in place in our lives, like the 10 Disciplines. It’s quite peaceful!

When it comes to our work life and our non-work life, it is actually possible to have moments that feel like a dream. You have likely experienced them. You are Driven. You immerse yourself in the pursuit of your passions and dreams. If you pay attention, a surreal sensation of floating through time and space can arise. 

As the line between work life and non-work life merges, each task or challenge unfolds with new possibilities and fulfillment of potential. With each achievement, whether it is as simple as being fully present at your child’s soccer game or closing a huge deal for your business, the dreamlike experience becomes more tangible. This reminds us that we can be driven and have peace. Our work and non-work life can align harmoniously with the essence of our being. 

To take this idea further, consider spending 5 minutes journaling on the questions below:

Imagine a future scenario where you have achieved a state of perfect harmony and flow across all aspects of your life. What would this ideal balance look like to you? What activities, relationships, and daily routines would be present in this harmonious existence? How can you start incorporating small changes or adjustments today to move closer to this vision of a life in flow?