Shedding Layers to Free Your True Self

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An important concept we teach in our book, Shine: How Looking Inward Is The Key To Unlocking True Entrepreneurial Freedom, and discuss on our podcast, The Shed and Shine Podcast, is shedding layers. By shedding layers, you will achieve greater outer world success and, more importantly, look at your inner world to experience greater inner peace.

Understanding Shedding Layers

Shedding layers involves letting go of the fears and ego-driven defenses that trap your True Self. These layers can be thought of as a cocoon or suit of armor that the ego uses to protect you from perceived harm. However, this protection often results in feeling trapped and exhausted, unable to express your True Self freely. 

The process of shedding layers is not a one-time event; it is a continuous journey. Some layers are easy to shed, taking only seconds, while others require years of introspection and effort. Each layer you shed brings you closer to your True Self, making you lighter, clearer, and more capable of making a significant impact while experiencing inner peace.

The Root of Decisions: Love or Fear

In our book and podcast, we discuss Discovery #2: All Decisions Are Made From Love Or Fear. This principle applies not only to decisions but also to thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Understanding the root of these aspects of your life can help you identify and shed layers that are fear-based.

We teach how to go four levels deep to uncover the root of fear-based decisions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. At Level #1, the core realization is that “Your True Self Is In There.” Recognizing that your True Self is trapped behind layers of fear and ego is the first step toward freeing it. Once you begin to shed these layers, you allow your True Self to shine brightly, operating at a high vibrational level.

Committing to the Daily Process

Shedding layers is a daily practice. It requires awareness to identify and let go of the protective barriers the ego has built. As you shed layers, you not only free your True Self but also enhance your ability to make decisions from a place of love rather than fear. This shift leads to a more profound sense of inner peace and greater impact in your entrepreneurial journey.

Journaling Prompts

  1. Reflect on a recent experience where you felt your True Self was not fully expressed. What layer might you need to shed to free your True Self in that situation?
  2. Think about a recent decision you made. Was it driven by love or fear? What fears might be underlying your thought process, and how can you begin to shed those layers?
  3. Identify one layer you feel ready to shed today. What small step can you take to begin this process, and how do you think shedding this layer will impact your sense of self and your entrepreneurial endeavors? (Our book, Shine, has an extensive list of resources for shedding. There are also resources discussed during episodes 6-8 of the Shed and Shine Podcast.)

Your True Self is always in there, waiting to be freed from the layers of fear and ego. As you commit to shedding these layers, you unlock your true potential and shine brightly, making a greater impact on your world.

Embrace this journey of self-discovery and watch as you transform not only your business but also your inner world.

I’d love to hear how it’s going for you. Feel free to respond to this email and let me know about your successes, challenges, or both! 

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