The Power of Mindful Decision Making


As a hard-charging entrepreneur, you are probably making ten times more decisions than the average person on the planet. Who to hire, who to fire, who to meet with, how to invest in growth, what to sell, where to go on vacation, what to say to your spouse, how to handle an issue with a child, and so forth. 

There is power in focusing on making those decisions from love, not fear, and doing it in a mindful way. 

Understanding Mindful Decisions

Mindful Decision Making isn’t about perfect choices; it’s about enhancing the quality of your decisions and focusing on aligning your mind, heart, and gut – the three pillars of your decision-making process.

Like mindfulness meditation, this is a skill that requires practice and can be applied in any aspect of life. The key is learning to slow down, pause, and be present.

In this short video, I’ll walk you through a powerful and fast way to make decisions out of love, instead of fear.

3-Minute Journaling Prompt: 

Think of a recent decision where you felt rushed. How might pausing and checking in with your mind, heart, and gut have altered the outcome?

The Mindful Decisions™ Process

This exercise involves tapping into the wisdom of your mind, heart, and gut. Let’s break it down:

MIND: Consider the facts and data of your decision. What is the truth of the situation? Notice your thoughts – are they clear, confused, certain?

HEART: Place your hand on your heart. Feel its beat. What emotions arise when you contemplate your decision? Joy, sadness, compassion?

GUT: Your gut often holds a raw, intuitive sense. What physical sensations do you notice? Nervousness, excitement, calm?

Now, look at the responses from all three. If they align with a yes, it’s likely a green light. A no or a maybe suggests stepping back for deeper reflection.

3-Minute Journaling Prompt: 

Apply this process to a current decision. What does each aspect of you – mind, heart, gut – say? Are they in harmony or conflict?

Mindful Decision Making is a practice that gets easier with time. Keeping a record of your decisions for a while and reflecting on them can be a powerful tool for growth.

I’ve personally found this method invaluable in my own life, providing me with clarity and peace. I encourage you to give it a try. It might just be useful to unlock a new level of awareness in your decision-making process.