Your True Self Score


You have begun your very personal journey toward living from your True Self by completing the Assessment. 

There is no bad result. Your percentage merely reflects where you fall on the path toward living from a place of freedom and creativity. Is there more you could do to experience greater peace and bring a bigger impact to the world? Only you can be the judge.

If you would like to continue your journey of self discovery and improve where you fall on that range, join us in our next Group Coaching Program or get started on The 10 Disciplines Self-Study Program today! 

It's time to become your True Self.

Self-Study Program

The self-study video course takes you through in depth teachings by Gino Wickman for each of the 10 Disciplines

Group Coaching Program

Your coach guides your group through 10 virtual fast-paced working sessions to ensure you implement each Discipline while creating a strong bond with like-minded entrepreneurs