Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with the Power of Protection


We invite you to explore the transformative power of understanding and protecting yourself – an essential part of our program. Once you have a deep comprehension of who you are, it’s time to set boundaries, establish your safe spaces, and enlist the support of key individuals in your life for protection. These steps form the cornerstone of the second phase of our journey: Protect YOU.

In ‘Know Your 100%,’ we guide you towards creating your optimal workday, striking a balance that maximizes productivity without compromising personal satisfaction. ‘Say No Often’ encourages you to assertively reject demands that don’t resonate with your priorities, thereby focusing your energy on what truly matters. With ‘Don’t Do $25-an-Hour Work,’ we help you recognize the value of your work, steering you towards tasks that yield maximum energy and greater financial returns. 

‘Prepare Every Night’ cultivates a nightly routine that allows your subconscious to generate fresh ideas and solve pending problems, preparing you for the next day’s challenges. Finally, ‘Put Everything in One Place’ aims at boosting your organizational skills, ensuring you’re always on top of significant tasks and thoughts, hence strengthening your leadership abilities.

Join us to transform the way you approach your entrepreneurial journey, building a sustainable and rewarding path that doesn’t compromise your personal well-being. Protecting yourself isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity, and it begins with understanding your worth.

Our next Group Coaching Program starts on September 6th. During our 10 session program, you will learn to Know Thyself better and ways to free your True Self.  And, we dive deep into all 10 Disciplines to ensure you build a foundation into your life to implement each successfully. Our sessions are highly rated and will make a huge difference in your life.

Wishing you lots of joy ♥️.