Why We Don’t Use Fear Based Marketing at The 10 Disciplines 

Why we don't use fear based marketing at The 10 Disciplines

Today we’re going to talk about using fear to attract clients, and why at The 10 Disciplines we don’t do it.

Everyday you can go to a sales page or website, and find someone speaking to your darkest fears. That you won’t succeed. That you’ll go bankrupt. That you need to act now or else.

You may notice that there’s none of that at The 10 Disciplines, and that’s intentional.

Every time we human beings make a decision, feel an emotion, or have a thought, it is out of love (our hearts) or fear (our heads). 

There’s a good chance fear has driven your success. It’s kept you hustling, kept you striving, kept you yearning. And maybe it has, but it’s also kept you from peace. It’s also caused you to make decisions that you wouldn’t have, if you’d had a calmer head. 

I want you to start making all your decisions out of love. Even your business decisions. It’s possible to be driven and have peace. It’s possible to succeed without letting fear take over. 

I could speak to your fear. I could tell you that learning The 10 Disciplines will be the thing to prevent bankruptcy, divorce, or the collapse of your business. I could tell you all the reasons to jump now.

Or I could tell you that understanding The Three Discoveries for freeing your True Self (this is one of them) is the final destination, the what, and the 10 Disciplines are the journey to get there, the how. If you want to get to a place where fear is no longer ruling the majority of your decisions, where peace is an everyday occurrence for you, this is how. 

You can get to a place where fear is no longer dictating your decisions, I can’t speak to you from fear.

I choose to make my decisions out of love. I want you to as well. I hope you will.

If you want to learn more about all the Discoveries, including Discovery #2, that all decisions are made out of love or fear, join me on September 6th at 2pm, to hear me talk about the 3 Discoveries, and attend the live Q&A.