Your True Self is In There

true self in there

The concept of a True Self has many names—your essence, spirit, innate self, life force, or soul. It’s been studied by different cultures, science, spiritual gurus, philosophers, and religions throughout history.

Because the True Self cannot be observed or measured, the science behind understanding it is limited. Some scientists and philosophers have attempted to explain it from a naturalistic perspective by looking at the mind, brain, and consciousness as potential components.

There are many ways to describe it. One definition is “an immaterial force within a human being, thought to give the body life, energy, and power.”

Choose the word that resonates with you the most. I just want you to know that you have a power source inside of you. And it wants to be free. And when it’s free, you make better decisions. And, therefore, have more energy, creativity, and impact.

Your innate self is present in you at birth and remains unchanged throughout your life. The world begins to influence our conscious self quickly. These outside factors range from parents, friends, and teachers to the culture we grow up in, different life experiences, and factors in the world that shape us. These forces gradually push our innate self ever deeper inside us. It is then buried behind a hardened “protective” shell. For many it remains buried in this prison for an entire lifetime.

Shedding Layers

I started “shedding layers” when I got my first taste of peace. I would describe to people how each time I shed a layer, “I’m getting closer to my soul.” At the time, I really didn’t fully understand what I was saying. Little did I know how accurate that description was. I’ve come to now realize that these “layers” around me are the masterful “structure” my ego created to protect me from ever feeling my pain from the past.

It was a few years ago when I finally realized and could clearly see the structure that my ego had created. It was masterful. It thought 20 steps ahead. When anything was going to cause me pain, my ego knew how to head it off at the pass, through humor, redirection, creating a distraction, etc.

Discover Your True Self

The intent at this level is that you begin to notice the structure your ego has built to protect you and how your True Self is trapped in there behind the structure and that it wants to be free.

As you become aware of the layers that your ego built, I encourage you to not get scared, angry, or distraught. This is a beautiful discovery, the first step toward your awakening.

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