Discovering Peace From An Inside Out Approach

Discovering Peace From An Inside Out Approach

Recently I was asked why someone should read Shine if they’ve already read one of my earlier books that also focused on creating peace. It’s a question I get asked frequently, and the answer is simple: The 10 Disciplines helps you create peace and fulfillment by shifting what’s within you, versus what is outside of you.

You may have heard me describe this as your inner world and outer world, or inside out approach versus an outside-in approach.

An outside-in approach to life is what many driven entrepreneurs are likely used to. Here you’re looking to create change in your life by influencing what’s happening externally. This may be allowing yourself to harness fuel and motivators such as competition, fear, or pain. On a more positive scale, it can also look like adjusting outside structures in your life to help accommodate you living the life you want.

Years ago I would have said you could create peace from solely following an outside-in way of life. You could keep climbing the mountain. You could stay focused on that outer world story of your successes, but to do it in a way where you can be the happiest while still continuously and relentlessly wanting more.

An inside out approach instead has you learn how to harness your drive, and shed all that isn’t you so you can experience inner peace no matter what your outside world looks like. Once you start looking at how insecurity, failure, doubts, and other pains are showing up in your life, you can start letting go of them. You can begin to make decisions from love instead of fear. Your impact and productivity will increase. From there, you can find peace and fulfillment. You will Flowt.

To be driven and have peace, we want you to take the inside out journey. When you focus on removing the blocks within you, you’ll start noticing you have even more fuel and motivation. The difference is you’re not leaving a trail of destruction behind you, affecting you and your loved ones. Instead you’re creating ripples of impact, and everyone in your presence is affected by this. I hope you can see how this can be more powerful. I hope this pings you to look at your own life and ask yourself where you are making decisions based on outside factors such as opportunities possible or fears, and how you could take a different approach instead.

If you’re ready to take a more inside out approach to life, I encourage you to join the Group Coaching Program. You’ll spend ten weeks creating a foundation to open space in your mind; granting you time to do the inner work and shed everything that isn’t you; freeing you from your ego; and giving you a sense of joy, fulfillment, clarity, and presence. Our next program starts on March 25th. Join before March 4th to secure the current pricing ($3,000) before the upcoming price increase ($4400).