Embracing the Present: A Journey Through Life, Death, and Discipline


In this week’s Discovery for the Driven, my passionate plea is that you cherish every moment and take very seriously the significance of integrating a strong foundation into your life to enhance your presence in the now.

Life: A Precious Gift

Life can be fragile, which is actually beautiful. This is a lesson I’ve learned through personal experiences and deep contemplation. Reflecting on the words of Atisha, life indeed hangs by a breath. As a driven entrepreneur, you may often overlook the obvious during your pursuits for greatness – that you are breathing. With a strong foundation in your life two important things happen: TIME and SPACE. When you have TIME and SPACE, you begin to notice things, like the fact you are breathing, and have extreme gratitude for everything that is happening in this moment, good, bad, or indifferent. 

Encounters with the Inevitable

I have a heightened sense of the gift of breath from my childhood, when I had severe asthma and  many challenging moments where I literally couldn’t breath. In those moments, nothing else but breathing mattered and they unveiled to me the value of facing life and death with openness. Now, as an adult, I’ve learned that things that really matter are resolution in our lives, having a lightness of being, and the importance of living with purpose and presence.

The Framework of 10 Disciplines

Through these reflections, I’ve also recognized the importance of having a solid foundation to create TIME and SPACE. The 10 Disciplines manage your energy (vibrational energy), create time for you to make the greatest impact, and space to experience inner peace. 

3-Minute Journaling Prompt: 

  1. Reflect on a practice in your life that helps you appreciate the present moment. How has it transformed your approach to life’s challenges?
  1. Imagine a future where you have fully integrated a strong foundation, such as The 10 Disciplines, that brings you absolute clarity on the decisions you are making in your life personally, professionally, and spiritually. How does this version of yourself navigate challenges differently? How do you feel physically and emotionally, living with this enhanced presence and awareness?

Learning from Those Who Have Faced the End

Whether we want to accept it or not, we all know that life can end at any moment. Recently, I’ve been inspired by the insights of Roland Griffiths, who shared his feelings publicly and openly after learning he had stage 4 colon cancer that left him with six months to live. Sadly, he passed away on October 16th at age 77. I leave you with these words from Mr. Griffiths:  “My parting invitation is to celebrate. I’m inviting you to celebrate what I’m celebrating and that is this experience of the miracle of where we find ourselves. You need not have a terminal diagnosis to lean in more fully, and I promise you it’s worth it.” 

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