Freeing Your True Self

Freeing Your True Self

Today I want to get you thinking about the essence of freeing your True Self, a concept that is central not just to personal development but also to achieving entrepreneurial freedom. The insightful words of the poet Rumi guide us: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

In entrepreneurship, as in life, the journey isn’t about discovering something new outside of ourselves, but rather, about removing all that masks our True Self. Your True Self has always been present, it’s just been obscured by layers of misconceptions and societal imprints.

The Barriers of the Ego

Often, what stands between us and our True Self are the ego-driven stories we tell ourselves—stories that limit our potential and skew our perception of what we deserve. Consider the beliefs that may be holding you back:

  • I don’t deserve love. This might lead you to sabotage your personal relationships.
  • I don’t deserve success. Such a mindset could be undermining your business endeavors.
  • Everyone leaves me. This fear can prevent you from committing fully, whether to people or to projects.
  • Sweep the shop floor. A reluctance to delegate, rooted in the belief that every task must be handled personally.

These narratives are not inherently part of who you are; they are barriers you have built or accepted over time. It’s essential to identify these, acknowledge their source, and actively work to dismantle them.

Erasing Limiting Beliefs

Rumi’s guidance is about introspection and liberation from these self-imposed limits. Each negative belief is like a layer of paint that covers the original masterpiece that is your True Self. To strip these away, it’s necessary to revisit these narratives, not to dwell on them but to challenge and remove them.

Take a moment to reflect on the origins of these beliefs. Who taught you these limitations? Why did you accept them? Understanding their roots can empower you to reassure and release the inner child that holds onto these outdated stories.

3 minute journaling exercise:

  1. Identify and Challenge: Start by writing down the negative beliefs you carry. Next to each, challenge its validity and write a positive affirmation that more accurately reflects your True Self.
  2. Delegate and Elevate: Identify and write down where you can let go of control. Delegate tasks that don’t require your specific expertise, allowing yourself to focus on what truly matters and elevates your business.
  3. Embrace Your True Self: Write down and commit to a time each day this weekend and next week for self-reflection. Meditation, journaling, prayer, and/or contemplation to help you connect with your True Self and gradually peel away the layers of the ego.

As Rumi suggests, our True Self is pure, pure love—untainted, unafraid, and unbounded by the past. This journey of self-liberation is not just for a moment or a phase; it’s a lifelong path that can enrich every aspect of your personal and professional life. 

This exploration is more than a simple exercise; it’s a profound transformation that promises not only peace and satisfaction in your entrepreneurial ventures but a fuller, more authentic life.

Our next Group Coaching Program starts next week on April 29th. During our 10-session program, you will begin to identify what is separating you from your True Self, and create the framework in your outer world for your inner world journey. Let’s journey together towards uncovering and embracing our True Selves.