Your Greatest Asset As A Driven Entrepreneur

10D - Greatest-Asset-Driven-Entrepreneur

In your journey toward true entrepreneurial freedom, one thing is for sure: your greatest asset is Time. During our Shine workshops and talks, we often engage the audience with a question about their most valued asset. While answers vary from “health” to “family” and “business,” I gently remind them that without time, none can be truly nurtured. 

Busy Minds

Imagine this: every hand raised when asked how many in the audience has a busy mind. This speaks volumes. By shifting focus onto managing our time more mindfully, we carve out space within our minds, easing the “monkey mind.” It’s within this newfound space that we can start making decisions from a place of love rather than ego. Decisions influenced by love are more than choices; they can also be thoughts, emotions, and decisions, that guide us towards authenticity and peace.

Inner World Patterns

A pattern has emerged as we have worked closely with our clients and have analyzed over 1,100 True Self assessments. The Driven Entrepreneur, though outwardly successful, has a much different inner world and is described to us as overwhelm, stress, fear, and doubt, just to name a few. This realization sheds light on an important truth: underneath this relentless drive lies a quest for freedom. Freedom to maintain that drive but to do it with inner peace. “Wouldn’t that be nice,” they say! Most don’t think that drive and inner peace is possible. 

A Strong Foundation

You regularly read and hear from Gino and me that building a strong foundation allows for time and space, which has inner world benefits. We see it first hand with our clients. They experience greater intuition, creativity, clarity, flow, and a significant reduction in stress. These internal shifts naturally lead to remarkable outer world transformations, including greater impact, increased income, stronger relationships, and a noticeable improvement in leadership skills.

3-minute journaling prompts:

  • Consider your daily activities and ask yourself, “Which of these truly align with the way I want to make the greatest impact, and which are merely filling my time?” Write down ideas on how removing the time fillers could enhance your focus on what matters most.
  • Write about the pain points you experience in your entrepreneurial journey. How do they affect your decision-making, creativity, and overall sense of well-being? Reflect on steps you might take to address these issues at their core, so you can free up mental and emotional space.

I’d love to hear what you have discovered about yourself through these prompts (email us!). What changes are you inspired to make? Part of our program incorporates sharing. It’s powerful to share, as we not only gain personal insights but also have developed a dynamic community where growth and transformation are celebrated.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn

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