Finding Balance As A Driven Entrepreneur

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Can a driven entrepreneur discover balance? For most of my life, I thought this was impossible. You either could have your edge and successes, or you could have balance and peace. It seemed an easy decision to forego inner well-being in lieu of making a greater impact on the world. As I’ve said time and time again, the Universe hit me on the head with a 2×4, and swiftly had to change my beliefs.

Many of you have spent your life focusing your drive on external achievements —building a thriving business, securing deals, and leading teams. You’ve committed to creating a difference in the world. Now, we’re going to talk about how you can keep this focus and still achieve balance.

The inner world encompasses your emotions, thoughts, values, and overall mental and emotional health. It’s the foundation that supports your outward actions and decisions. On the other hand, the outer world refers to your career achievements, relationships, and tangible accomplishments. While both worlds are interconnected, they often pull us in different directions, making it challenging to maintain balance.

Balancing your inner and outer worlds is not just about avoiding burnout; it’s about creating a foundation for long-term success and fulfillment.

When your inner and outer world are balanced, your drive is harnessed. You accomplish ten times more than you normally would. You dream up bigger ideas. The right next step is easier to see. You feel good doing all of this.

Achieving balance begins with small, deliberate steps. You’ll continue to take those small steps daily to build a framework and foundation that will support both your drive and your inner state. Here’s a few that I suggest.

Be self aware. Take time to reflect on your current state. What areas of your inner world need attention? You can take the True Self Assessment to get an idea where in your life could use more focus. If you’re not sure where to start, you can receive personalized guidance from us to help you start creating momentum.

Be still daily. Find twenty to thirty minutes for Clarity Breaks. You can even try mindfulness practices such as meditation or deep breathing exercises. Experiment and discover what works for you and helps you stay connected with your inner world.

Set clear boundaries with yourself and others. You will always find another task to do, or idea to write down. Create boundaries to allot time for both work and personal activities. Take a hard look at where you spend your work time, and ask yourself if it’s truly the best use of your time.

Get outside support if you need it. Coaching, therapy, or joining a peer support group can provide guidance and accountability on your journey to balance. We also provide extra resources to help you shed layers inside Shine.

Make it a point to nourish your mind and body. Read a book for enjoyment. Block off thirty minutes for the workout you’ve been putting off. Truly set the tone that this journey is a priority for you, and allow it to maximize your life.

For those ready to commit to deeper work, consider joining our 10 Disciplines Group Coaching Program and True Self Mastermind. These programs are designed to support you in achieving balance between your inner and outer worlds. We have a special summer bundle to help you create the framework for balance, and then spend a year shedding the layers that prevent you from being your True Self.