True Self Assessment

Read each of the following statements and rank yourself 1–5 where 1 is not true and 5 is 100% true.

1. All of my decisions, thoughts, and actions are with at least a 10-year time frame in mind.
2. I spend enough time away from work to rest and reset my energy and clarity levels.
3. I am comfortable and confident being my True Self in every personal and professional situation.
4. I consistently practice stillness to create space and clarity in my life.
5. I know the perfect number of hours per day and weeks per year that I want to deliver my value to the world.
6. I know what to say no to, say no often, and set effective boundaries.
7. I know my superpower and delegate all the work that competes with my productivity and drains my energy.
8. I end every day with a plan in place for tomorrow.
9. I am organized and consistent and never drop the ball on promises or commitments made to others.
10. I practice empathy toward, view myself as equal to, and respect everyone I encounter.
11. I have worked through all past trauma and left behind all feelings of anxiety, shame, or depression.
12. I am aware of and clear on the ways my drive is a blessing and a curse.
13. I completely understand that I am made up of pure energy and know when my energy is blocked.
14. I am aware of my pain or trauma and can remove the blocked energy that prevents me from experiencing peace.
15. I am aware of and connected to my True Self.
16. I know when I am making decisions out of love or fear.
17. I am fully present, aware, and connected to the people around me at every moment.
18. I am making the impact I want in the world.
19. I feel a sense of peace, joy, fulfillment, and bliss in my life.
20. I am completely free to be my True Self always.