True Self Assessment

Your True Self is the most authentic version of who you are, unshaped by societal expectations, professional roles, or social masks. When you are free and fully your True Self, you will bring the best version of yourself to everything in your life, and experience peace, bliss, and love. 

Read each of the following statements and rank yourself 1–5 where 1 is not true and 5 is 100% true.

1. In all of my decisions, thoughts, and actions, I have at least a 10-year time frame in mind.
2. I spend enough time away from work to rest and reset my energy and clarity levels.
3. I am comfortable and confident being my True Self in every personal and professional situation.
4. I consistently practice stillness to create space and clarity in my life.
5. I know the perfect number of hours per day and weeks per year during which I want to deliver my value to the world.
6. I know when to say no, to say no often, and to set effective boundaries.
7. I know my superpower and delegate all the work that competes with my productivity and drains my energy.
8. I end every day with a plan in place for tomorrow.
9. I am organized, consistent, and never drop the ball on promises or commitments made to others.
10. I practice empathy toward, view myself as equal to, and respect everyone I encounter.
11. I have worked through all past trauma and left behind all feelings of anxiety, shame, or depression.
12. I am aware of the ways my drive is a blessing and a curse.
13. I completely understand that I am made up of pure energy and know when my energy is blocked.
14. I am aware of my pain/trauma and can remove the associated blocked energy preventing me from experiencing peace.
15. I am aware of and connected to my True Self.
16. I know when I am making decisions out of love or fear.
17. I am fully present, aware, and connected to the people around me at every moment.
18. I am making the impact I want in the world.
19. I feel a sense of peace, joy, fulfillment, and bliss in my life.
20. I am completely free to be my True Self always.