Wonder And Be Free

Wonder And Be Free

Every year I wonder to myself, “What do I want to let go of from the past year?” And, “Who do I want to become?” 

You might wonder these questions as well, or others that align with you more closely. 

I encourage you to wonder about 2023 and 2024. Maybe you’ll wonder about the questions I posed or maybe you’ll wonder about your own set of questions.

You may consider this (fun) experience:

Write on a small piece of paper what you want to let go of from 2023 (or the question of your choice relating to 2023).

Write on a separate piece of paper who you want to become in 2024 (or the question of your choice relating to 2024). 

Take question number one and burn it (carefully!).

Take question number two and place it in a special place (examples: bury it in your garden, on the beach, or on a hiking trail).

Then, let go. Free yourself. Allow what you let go of to float away, and allow who you want to become evolve naturally. 

Lastly, take a moment to express gratitude for the many gifts in your life. 

And, I’ll take this opportunity to do the same . . . I am grateful to YOU for your interest in our work and your interest in our weekly Discoveries for the Driven. 

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