Identify Opportunities to Humbly Grow

Humbly Grow

We often wish for, or search out, the perfect conditions to work on our inner world, like a retreat in the mountains or a Sherpa in India.

While these experiences are both uplifting and valuable, I would argue that the best time to develop and grow is exactly where you are now, amidst the weeds of your everyday life.

This is why we spend a full session of The 10 Disciplines Coaching Program focused on humility.

Practicing humility is a large part of creating the space we need to work on our inner world.


Let’s start by talking about humility and what it means to be humble.

We often see humility displayed by someone deflecting praise, or by tacking on a quick “with the help of my team” to the end of a sentence about their latest accomplishment. But, this isn’t the type of humility I’m talking about.

Author Rick Warren said it best, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.

To further my point, the definition of humble in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is, “not regarding others as inferior”


You’ve spent all day traveling, are tired, hungry, irritable, and just want to reach your destination. You arrive at the car rental counter to find that your car isn’t ready. In fact, due to being short-staffed, there isn’t a single vehicle available for another 2 hours. You find yourself speaking to the person behind the counter with a sharp edge coming from your voice, “I reserved this car months in advance and you need to get me into a vehicle… now!” Since the car rental company isn’t able to magically produce any vehicles, you wait miserably in their lobby. Angry. Bitter. And complaining loudly on the phone to your assistant.

That scenario isn’t pretty, but it is certainly easy to fall into that state of mind.

True humility is displayed in the subtle moments. It’s reflected in the way we show up in the world through everyday interactions. When we bring that awareness to our minds, we can always find ways to grow and improve.

Take a look back at the last week of your life and recall a moment when you found yourself in a stressful situation where another person was involved. Pause and reflect on that moment. How did you respond?


We will always be a work in progress. Each time life throws obstacles in our path, we have the opportunity to practice developing our inner world. Each time we choose to humbly grow, the easier and more natural it will become.

When we shift our focus from “me”, it gives us the space we need to Flowt™ through challenges, tough decisions, and even stressful situations.

Keep practicing!