Impact and Peace


During our Group Coaching and True Self Mastermind sessions, our clients share their desire to Know Thyself (Discipline #3) at a deeper level. This is encouraging to me as the more we Know Thyself and free our True Self, the world will become a better place.

The importance of Know Thyself dates back thousands of years to when the term was actually carved at the entrance at the Temple of Apollo on the ancient Greek island of Delphi. It is a newer idea as it relates to the world of Driven Entrepreneurs. This is one area that, if you aren’t already aware, is crucial for you to create greater impact and experience peace.

Most understand what I mean when I say “impact,” but when I say “peace,” I get funny looks. You mean I can make an impact and have peace? YES! It is possible.

Leadership is not just about achieving external success, but also about finding inner peace and fulfillment. As a Driven Entrepreneur, getting closer to Know Thyself leads to greater self-awareness, better decision-making, and a more positive work environment.

Oh, by the way, if being a better leader isn’t enough, this also shows up in your non-work life relationships by reducing internal conflict and bringing a greater sense of harmony and fulfillment (PEACE!).

Consider journaling on the following questions:

       What was the last thing you did to Know Thyself deeper?

       What can you do to build on what you learned?

       How has what you learned shown up in your work life?

       How has what you learned shown up in your non-work life?

I encourage you to take our True Self Assessment to learn how strong your foundation is. If you’d like to improve where you fall on the spectrum of living from your True Self, we’d love for you to join one of our Group Coaching Programs!

Our next Group Coaching Program starts on September 6th. During our ten session program, you will learn to Know Thyself better and ways to free your True Self. And, we dive deep into all 10 Disciplines to ensure you build a foundation to implement them together successfully.