Knowing What To Shed


Today we’re going to talk about shedding layers. You’ve begun your inner journey. You know there’s layers preventing you from being your True Self, and you may even see how that shows up in your life, in your business, or in your career.

Some of you may see that you still wear different facets of your personality when in different environments. Others of you may see that you’re distracted in conversation, finding your thoughts miles away while your body is at the kitchen table with your family. You may even recognize yourself responding with fear based decisions throughout the day, responding the way a former version of yourself would.

Once you have the awareness of wanting to begin shedding layers, how do you know what to shed?

The easy option is to allow it to happen naturally. Go through your day just as you normally would. At some point, you may find yourself experiencing a moment where you can pause and recognize some sort of heaviness in your body. I call them bricks or matzah balls. You may not be able to process them immediately (you don’t have to shut down a meeting for this!), but jot it down in your One Place so you can come back to it when you can create a free moment. 

If you know there’s something in you ready to be shed, you can use other methods too. My own preference to sit in silence for a few moments, and then pay attention to if there’s anything your mind keeps drifting back to. Rob uses journaling often, and if you’re using his prompts, you may notice questions that hit you harder than others. Go deeper into those. 

Another tool we like for you to use is your inner story. Once you know your inner story it will be easier to see where there’s opportunity to shed layers. Once you know your inner story, you can share it to release many layers at once. Start with someone you trust deeply, or join us in the True Self Mastermind for a safe space to share your story and shed layers. 

Each one of these layers will have a root cause in your life. You can explore them if you want, but exploring the root isn’t required in order to shed them. 

As you shed these layers, you’ll be shining brighter. You’ll unlock true entrepreneurial freedom. You’ll make maximum impact. In my most recent riff of the Shed and Shine podcast, I talk about how shedding layers helps a driven entrepreneur thrive and shine. I encourage you to listen for deeper inspiration.