Letting Your Freak Flag Fly


Something I’ve been saying for years is to let your freak flag fly, to be fully and apologetically you in every situation. To know yourself, so you can be yourself without judgement. Today, we’re going to talk about how to go even deeper in this practice, so you can live your ideal life.

Letting your freak flag fly isn’t simply expressing what you’re thinking all the time. It’s not being mean. It’s accepting who you are innately, and showing up as that person consistently, no matter who is around you.

I give this example a lot. My wife threw a surprise thirtieth-birthday party for me. When I walked in, I saw all of the different factions of my life in one room. I thought I knew myself, but in that moment I could see that I was being a different person with each faction. My employees saw one facet of me. My family saw another. My entrepreneur friends saw another. That split second has given me a lot to think about over the years.

If you walked into a room with all of the people in your life, would you be able to consistently be your True Self with each of them?

In this week’s episode of the Shed and Shine podcast, I shared the True Self Exercise. This exercise gives you the space you need to reconnect with who you are, outside of all of the identities you have created for yourself, and all of the expectations the world has put on you. This is one powerful way to discover how well you Know Thyself, and how free your True Self really is.

Now you may have an idea how well you know yourself. You may be asking what you can do to improve that.

If you know you’re showing up as a different person in different areas of your life, you can ask a few people from each facet of your life to list a few of your most positive traits, as well as your weaknesses. Are there overlaps in either category? Does anything surprise you?

You can sit with yourself and just notice what comes up. If you’re taking Clarity Breaks, you might notice thoughts creeping in around something you’ve done or about to do, and how others may perceive it. Just notice your reactions.

Some people find journaling to be a great way to both go quiet and go within. Rob has written great questions in his Discoveries if you need a starting place for that. You may also want to start by simply tracking a few things you are grateful for at the beginning or end of each day.

If you want to go deeper in knowing yourself, go take the True Self Assessment to see how strong your foundation is. I highly encourage you to make use of the coaching call afterwards to get our eyes helping you find where you can focus your energy on now to gain the momentum you’re looking for.