Mastering Both Your Inner and Outer Worlds

Mastering Both Your Inner World and Outer Worlds As A Driven Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs, we often focus on our outer world. Our mission and goal is for you to start focusing on your inner world as well.

Your outer world is often top of mind, as it is what’s concrete in front of you. Your outer world is where all the day to day of your business happens. It’s where you’re spending your time creating plans, executing strategies, and focusing on making external change happen. 

It includes the successes you’ve achieved, the accomplishments you’ve met, and the story you tell as soon as you meet someone. Maybe it’s your highlight reel, or tale of your ups and downs with your triumphant emergence at the end. 

My outer world story includes being business focused at a young age, working my way to the top of a real estate company, and refining processes until I put the finishing touches on what the world now knows as EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System. In fact, the work you may be familiar with is all focused on helping driven entrepreneurs live their ideal outer world life. 

Your inner world is what dictates your outer world journey – most of us just don’t know that yet. When you spend time mastering your inner world, your outer world changes in ways you can’t even imagine. It’s often overlooked as a dimension of entrepreneurial success, and I would say is equally if not more important to put focus on.

Your inner world consists of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, own self-awareness, and the stories that make you who you truly are. It’s what’s guiding you consciously and unconsciously beneath every thought and decision you make. 

Without mastering your inner world, your outer world success is going to be affected by what’s rolling around beneath the surface. 

With mastering your inner world, you’ll find it easier to reach a state of Flowt™, living with a combination of being highly impactful, while experiencing an incredible sense of inner peace.

If you’d like to further explore mastering your inner world, I’d like to invite you to join me for my next talk, and to take our True Self Assessment so you can see how much of your inner world may be affecting your current outer world.