Reset And Assess: Your Quarterly Check In

Reset and assess: your call to do your quarterly True Self Assessment check in!

This week provides some much needed downtime for Driven Entrepreneurs, myself included! 

When we have downtime, it’s a great opportunity to check in with ourselves and hit the reset button wherever needed.

So, where to start? We recommend doing a quarterly check up with our True Self Assessment. This will ensure you place attention where it is needed most. I encourage you to take the assessment after reading this email to see where focus is needed most in your life. 

For some, taking the assessment can feel overwhelming as there might be many areas that need attention. If that is the case for you, please consider registering for our September Group Coaching Program so we can ensure you get back on track. If things are looking good with your assessment, this is a great time to kick it in high gear. Again, consider coming into our program to refine the Disciplines and prepare yourself to come into our True Self Mastermind. This is where you will Free Your True Self and begin to shine brighter in this world. 

Our next Group Coaching Program starts on September 6th. During our 10 session program, we dive deep into all 10 Disciplines to ensure you build a foundation into your life to implement each successfully. Our sessions are highly rated and will make a huge difference in your life. 

As mentioned earlier, I encourage you to take our True Self Assessment to discover how strong your foundation is.