Setting Your Work Boundaries

work boundaries

As a Driven Entrepreneur, understanding your capacity, your 100%, is one of the Disciplines we teach (Discipline #5, Know Your 100%) that results in greater impact and peace in your life. This awareness ensures you establish work boundaries that set the stage for greater success, more significant impact, peace and increased financial success for your business, and you, personally. It’s about knowing your limits, and harnessing that knowledge to strategically channel your energy towards the tasks that matter most.

Visualize a day in your life as a Driven Entrepreneur where you’re operating at your 100%. You’re standing in the midst of a bustling office, guiding your team through a complex project. With each decision you make, each strategy you devise, you can feel the cogs of your business turning seamlessly, driving you towards your goals. This is your sweet spot, the perfect combination of your skills, passion, and drive. There is an undeniable thrill in this moment, a sense of accomplishment that reinforces your belief in your abilities and your vision.

Knowing Your 100% and working within it brings harmony to your work life and amplifies your impact. It enhances your focus on tasks that fuel your energy and drive your business growth.

Next Steps

To explore this further, I invite you to spend a few minutes pondering on the following:

Visualize a future scenario where you’ve fully embraced Discipline #5, Know Your 100%. Vividly bring to mind the picture of a life where you are spending your work time on only the things that provide you with the most energy and, when not working, you are fully present with the people that matter most to you in the world.

  • What feelings, emotions, and sensations come to mind as you see this?
  • What tasks, relationships, and routines are present in this harmonious picture?
  • What small changes can you make today to start your journey towards this goal?

I encourage you to take our True Self Assessment to learn how strong your foundation is. If you’d like to improve where you fall on the spectrum of living from your True Self, we’d love for you to join our next Group Coaching Program, which starts on September 6th. Registration is now open and space is intentionally limited to just 15 participants. Throughout the ten-session program, you will learn how to successfully implement Discipline #5, Know Your 100% and build a rock-solid foundation that brings all 10 Disciplines together to create greater impact and peace in your life.

Wishing you lots of joy.

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