The Truth About Your Drive

The Truth About Your Drive

When we talk about being driven, we often speak about it as being both a blessing and a curse.

You’re likely familiar with how your drive is a blessing. You get more ideas than most people around you. You have the superhuman gift to somehow get it all done, even when the odds look against you. You’re the person who gets called in to save the day when there’s a problem, because no matter what, you will find a solution. There’s no other option in your mind.

This can also mean… everything is a competition, even against yourself. There is no enough. There is always the knowing that you can do more. You may feel like you can never turn it off, no matter what you’re doing.

You see your drive leading to your successes, so you focus on them. You become more disconnected from those around you. Thoughts of work or your next big idea drift in constantly, no matter where you are, or who is around you. You push yourself further and further, because if you’re not going to do it, who is?

You damage yourself, both with your body and your mind. You cause damage to your loved ones and those around you, who rarely receive your full presence, and are forced to simply accept your restlessness.

This is how your drive can be a curse. You may even be aware of this, but it’s easy to ignore. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking your drive is solely why you’ve had your successes, and peace is for other people. You may not even know what peace could look like for someone like you.

That’s why we help you understand who your True Self is, who you are outside of all your identities, and what you truly want. With that awareness, you can then create appropriate boundaries to protect your time and energy so you have space in your mind and time in your life to show up and be more present. You can free your True Self and finally find fulfillment.

Once your drive is harnessed and your True Self is free, you can create more impact – not less.

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