Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Freedom with the 10 Disciplines


Our unique process, the 10 Disciplines, is designed to help you look inward, understand yourself deeply, and unlock your true entrepreneurial freedom. 

Our journey begins with the True Self Assessment. This comprehensive evaluation is your first step towards uncovering where you are on your inner world journey. By recognizing where you fall on the scale of 0-100, you’ll start to gain clarity on your aspirations, strengths, and areas that need nurturing. (Yes, 100 is possible!)

Once you’ve completed the assessment, we move on to the 10 Disciplines, which are divided into two key stages: ‘Understanding YOU’ and ‘Protecting YOU’. The first five disciplines help you delve deeper into your self-understanding, exploring who you are at your core. The next five disciplines focus on protection, safeguarding your authentic self, and ensuring your actions align with your true values.

Finally, you’ll reach the ‘Free YOU’ stage. This is when you experience a profound shift in your life and business, allowing your True Self to shine. You’re now free to live your entrepreneurial journey to its fullest, driven not by external pressures, but by your internal, authentic motivations.

Join us in this transformative journey towards true entrepreneurial freedom. Your True Self is waiting to shine.

Our next Group Coaching Program starts on September 6th. During our 10 session program, you will learn to Know Thyself better and ways to free your True Self.  And, we dive deep into all 10 Disciplines to ensure you build a foundation into your life to implement each successfully. Our sessions are highly rated and will make a huge difference in your life. We’d love to have you join us. 

I encourage you to take our True Self Assessment to learn how strong your foundation is.