What Being Driven And Having Peace Can Be Like


When we say you can be driven and have peace, many people have a visceral reaction.

Maybe you feel it in your body. Do you tense up, not knowing how to respond? Maybe it feel like a pipedream, something that only works for other people.

Peace can be a foreign concept to the driven entrepreneur. Success, and the continuous motion toward it are familiar. You know how to work hard to follow your visions and dreams.  You know the path to bettering your ventures. Your brain is always coming up with the next idea, the next thing to try, or the next tweak to make in your business. But that continuous rhythm can become the norm for you, as you soothe yourself by focusing on the external factors of success. 

You’re driven. You know that. Other people can’t keep up with you. Sometimes, you may even feel like you can’t keep up with yourself, and all the ideas you want to put into place. But what if I told you that being driven doesn’t have to come at the expense of inner peace?

Being driven doesn’t mean you always have to be fueled by stress and overwhelm. 

Peace comes when you understand yourself, protect yourself, and free your true self. 

Being driven and having peace means you can fully harness your energy to accomplish your external goals in a positive manner, while feeling joy in the process.  It’s being able to truly find fulfillment in your work, and to be able to step away for your personal dreams with no guilt. It’s about being able to manage everything that comes your way, and still being able to intentionally live your life the way you want. 

Being driven and having peace is being able to step into the state of being in Flowt, when you are working and you feel like you are in the zone; time slows down, and you are performing at your best. Floating through all aspects of your life with a feeling of serenity, calm, fulfillment, and ease, comfortably letting your freak flag fly.

It’s being able to step back from the fast speed of life, and make decisions that are from the most authentic part of you, your True Self. 

Freeing my True Self has been the most valuable gift I’ve given myself, my businesses, and my family. If you want to see how close you are to having freed your True Self, take the True Self Assessment for a practical reminder of where you are in your inner world journey. Remember to take this every 90 days to see where you have grown, and where you may need to put more energy and focus.