What is Living in Flowt?


You may see me using the word Flowt a lot. You may not know what that means.

It’s my dream that Flowt becomes both an everyday word for you, and an everyday experience for you.

Flowt is what happens when your fear no longer drives you.

Flowt is what happens when you’re driven, and experiencing peace. It is harnessing the constant flow of ideas, allowing yourself to make clear decisions, attract opportunities, and find peace in the whole process.

Up until this point, you have likely taken an outside in approach to your life. Your goals have been the next milestone. You’ve been driven by fear, competition, and comparison. For much of my life, I was in the same state.

Now I take an inside out approach to my life. Instead of pain driving me, I allow love and peace to drive me instead. This is the state of Flowt.

Flowt is what happens when you understand The 3 Discoveries and implement The 10 Disciplines.

From this place, you can be more productive. You can have stronger relationships with your family, spouse, and team. You can make better and faster decisions, and your business can thrive. You can be impactful on the world around you, and create the change you want to see around you. I would have said this was impossible two decades ago, but now I know this to be the foundation of my life.

If you’re ready to understand The 3 Discoveries more, please join me at the end of summer, on September 6th at 2pm, to hear me talk about the 3 Discoveries, and attend the live Q&A so you can dig into any questions you may have.