You’re Normal for Being Driven

You're Normal For Being Driven

Your inherent drive is both a gift and a challenge. It propels you to achieve, innovate, and reshape the world in amazing ways. Yet, it’s that very same drive that never seems to have an ‘off’ switch, leading you to constantly push boundaries and at times, create stress and anxiety in your life, and the lives of those around you.

You are the creators, and change-makers, it often baffles those around you. They may wonder why you’re never satisfied and rarely take a moment to pause. But know that this is not a defect—it’s a deeply-seated part of who you are.

Recently, Dr. Doug Brackmann joined us in our True Self Mastermind to delve deeper into this topic. He emphasized that while our entrepreneurial drive is an asset that leads us to greatness, it can also cast shadows of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Not just within us, but in those we care about and work with.

It’s essential to be aware of this dual nature. By understanding and embracing both facets, we can harness our drive’s power while also mitigating its potential pitfalls, ensuring both our outer world successes and inner world peace.

Always remember, being driven is a testament to your passion and determination. It’s what ignites your ambitions and empowers you to make greater impact on the world.

Journaling reflections (3 minutes each)

Reflect on moments in your life when your innate drive felt misunderstood or even criticized by others. How did these experiences shape your perception of your entrepreneurial spirit? Now, with the understanding that this drive is a deeply ingrained gift, how might you reframe those memories and experiences? 

Delve into your inner world: Are there particular moments or decisions driven by your entrepreneurial spirit that you’ve found difficult to forgive or accept? How can recognizing and embracing this inherent drive, as discussed by Dr. Doug Brackmann, help you find compassion for yourself and see those moments in a new light?

If you want to learn more about how being Driven can shape your world, don’t hesitate to reach out or join one of Gino’s talks on the 3 Discoveries.