Is It Time To Begin Your Inner World Journey?


Today we’re going to talk about when to begin your inner world journey. A question I get asked frequently – how do you know when it is time to begin your inner world journey?

You’ve probably been focused a lot on your outer world, on the externals in your life. Being driven means you have an internal fire that burns strongly. That said, there’s never a wrong time to begin your inner world journey, or to give it more attention. For myself, I was forced to look inside once I thought I’d made it to all of my most important achievements. My hope for you is that you begin your journey before you hit the same pivotal moment that I did.

Maybe you feel of sense of being different from those around you. For much of my life, I felt out of place unless the conversation turned to business or competition.

Maybe you’re achieving magnificent outer world goals but still feeling a internal void.

Maybe you’re always in competition, even with yourself.

Maybe there’s certain situations you find yourself going through the motions. This could look like simply forgetting important birthdays or anniversaries, or being present in body only when with loved ones.

Maybe you’re numbing your pain by keeping busy, and keeping those dopamine hits coming regularly.

Those are all great indicators that your inner world could use some immediate attention. I strongly believe that every driven entrepreneur can benefit and gain tremendous impact in their life by putting focus on their inner world at any point in their life.

You can also take the True Self Assessment to see how strong your foundation is. We always recommend taking it every 90 days to see what areas could benefit from the most focus at this time. If every 90 days, you picked one question and took action related it, you would make progress in no time.

If you’re unsure where to begin, I encourage you to join the Group Coaching Program so you can begin your inner world journey with the accountability and support of a great network. The upcoming March group is the final group where I will be delivering the final session. I hope to see you there.