Sabbaticals For The Driven Entrepreneur: Want or Need?


As a driven entrepreneur, you probably celebrate yourself for your relentless pursuit of success, and your determination to achieve your goals. 

You may be shocked to hear that both Rob and myself took over a month long sabbatical over the summer, as we do every year. 

Burnout can creep on you. There’s few warning signs, but the harder we push without pause, the less effective we become. It’s a classic case of diminishing results. For being driven to work for you, you have to understand your own limits, and protect your energy with boundaries around it. Once you’re doing that, you’ll have more freedom to create and focus. 

This year, I needed it. Your goal is to take the sabbatical before you can feel in your body that you need it. You can’t step into a place of flowt – where you are driven and experiencing peace – if your body is expending valuable energy holding itself together. 

Sabbaticals are not a sign of weakness; they’re a strategic move to better yourself, your business, and your energy. 

Recharge yourself. Reconnect to who you truly are beneath everything. Clear space in your mind to return to problems and operations with new perspective and focus. Reconnect with your loved ones and your dreams. Put business to the side completely, and trust that you’ve built the supports to keep it running smoothly. 

If you haven’t yet mapped out a sabbatical (or two) for 2024, I’d urge you to plan it into your calendar now, the same way you’ll plan other big ventures for the year. Like everything in business, there will never be the perfect time – just the opportunity for you to make the needed space for it.

If you need to reconnect to yourself and your foundation, be sure to take the True Self Assessment to see where to focus your attention next to get best results.