The Power of Building Your Foundation


Something I hear people say often is “I only need this particular Discipline [in my life]. I see value in the rest, but I’m not sure that I need them.”

The next things they say often show me exactly where the Disciplines could bring value in their life, and in a way that they haven’t even imagined.

We often talk about freeing your True Self, because that is our utmost wish for you. Putting this framework into your outer world allows for the creation of space in your inner world. The outcomes for that are more than we could ever list. You’ll be able to use your drive in more impactful ways, to create more impact on the world around you. You’ll have better and stronger relationships with those around you, which can affect their behavior with you and others. You’ll be a better communicator. You’ll have more time, more confidence, and the ability to be the calm in the storm in any situation life throws at you.

If you’ve seen our True Self Model, one thing might stand out to you. Each discipline is connected, and intertwined. All of the Disciplines are interconnected and assist you in setting boundaries. When they are working together, the boundaries become very clear. Decisions get made from love, instead of fear.

True Self Model

The concept is simple. Each Discipline builds off each other. When you have created the outer world foundation of implementing each Discipline, you will create the inner world space to free your True Self. When your True Self is free, you will finally shine.

Our next Group Coaching Program starts on April 29th. During these 10-sessions, you will build the outer world foundation that allows space in your inner world for you to shed your layers and finally shine. I urge you to not keep putting this work off and join now.