The Power of Decision Making: Are You Driven by Love or Fear?

The Power of Decision Making: Are You Driven by Love or Fear?

Today, I am going to share a powerful insight that has the potential to reshape the way you make decisions: the understanding that most decisions are made from either love or fear

Fear = Mind (Ego)

When we make choices out of fear, we are coming from ego. While our ancestors relied on the ego to safeguard them from dangers lurking in the wilderness, our modern lives present different challenges that our ego still tries to navigate. The fear we now face is less about physical survival and more about emotional attachments and outcomes. Fear of losing relationships, lifestyles, or reaching certain milestones can dictate our choices, causing us to cling, control, and sometimes self-destruct. This fear-based decision-making might protect us momentarily, but it limits our freedom, tying our happiness to external factors.

Love = Heart (True Self) 

On the flip side, decisions made from love free us from these attachments. Love empowers us to act from a place of abundance, unchained by the anxiety of loss or failure. When we act from a place of love, we are operating from our heart or True Self. These decisions feel expansive, open, and aligned with our deepest values.

To help you move more into love centered decisions, I invite you to take a few moments on the following questions.

Journal prompts (3 minutes each)

  1. Identify a recent decision you made. Was it driven by love or fear? Dive deep into what feelings or thoughts led you to this choice.
  2. Imagine a decision you’ll have to make in the near future. How would your True Self approach it versus your ego? Write down any emotional or physical sensations that come up when envisioning these different approaches.

Taking time to reflect on your decision-making process can pave the way for more conscious choices moving forward. Remember, the journey to your True Self is an ongoing process, and awareness is the first step.

If you haven’t recently, be sure to take our True Self Assessment so you can see exactly where you are on your True Self Journey. We encourage you to retake the assessment around every 90 days to see how you are evolving.