The Power of “No” This Holiday Season


As the holiday season approaches, our usual routines and commitments can feel overwhelming. It’s a time when many feel they must say ‘yes’ to appease others. So, I encourage you to bring a high awareness to Discipline #6, Say No Often.

In the spirit of mindfulness, pause and consider each invitation and request that comes your way. Is saying ‘yes’ to a holiday event, a client’s last-minute demands, or even a family gathering going to energize you? Or is it likely to drain you?

This isn’t just about guarding your time – it’s about honoring your energy and the vision you have for your life and work. It takes courage to make tough decisions, to recognize that not every opportunity or request deserves your ‘yes.’

And yes, when you say ‘no,’ there will be ripples. Some may feel disappointed, and that’s okay. It’s an opportunity for reflection. How does their disappointment affect you? Remember, your commitment to peace and purpose is not an act of selfishness; it’s an act of alignment with your highest values.

Here’s a simple 3-minute journaling prompt to help you navigate this season:

1. Write down one thing you’re considering saying ‘yes’ to that you’re not fully aligned with. How does it make you feel when you think about it?

2. Now, imagine you’ve said ‘no.’ Visualize the space and energy this decision has opened up for you. What does it allow you to say ‘yes’ to that is more aligned with your energy and peace?

3. Reflect on the disappointment from others that your ‘no’ might cause. Can you sit with this discomfort, knowing it’s a sign of living true to yourself? How can you communicate your decision with compassion and clarity?

This holiday season, let your ‘no’ be as powerful and purposeful as your ‘yes.’ When you’re consistent and true to your word, the right people will understand. And remember, it’s not about pleasing everyone; it’s about being honest with yourself and what you truly want to invite into your life.

Stay true to your path, and let your decisions reflect the light of your deepest intentions.

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