The Power of “Seeing It Every Night”

Achieving greatness often starts with a single, powerful vision. At The 10 Disciplines, we teach how to turn your vision into reality. Part of our process is “Seeing It Every Night.”

Like most of what we teach, it’s simple and powerful: before your head hits the pillow every night, take a few moments and vividly imagine that you have achieved the most important thing from your 10-Year Thinking Vision (we ensure you master this in our program). Remember Earl Nightingale’s timeless wisdom: “We become what we think about.”

Elite athletes and high performers often employ visualization techniques. This mental rehearsal activates the brain’s neural pathways, essentially preparing you for real-world execution of the task. It’s not just about dreaming; it’s about rehearsing your success.

At 10 Disciplines, the vision is clear: empowering 1,000,000 driven entrepreneurs to become their True Selves by 2030. Every night, I don’t just dream it; I see it as if it’s already our reality.

Journaling Prompt: Take 3 minutes to jot down your answers to these questions:

1. What is the core essence of your 10-Year Thinking Vision? 

2. How do you feel when you visualize achieving this goal?

3. What do you need to do to add Seeing It Every Night into your routine?

By practicing “Seeing It Every Night,” you’re aligning your daily actions with the impact you are going to make in this world! 

If you know an entrepreneur who would benefit from hearing this message, please forward it to them.