Looking Deeper Into Your Questions About The 10 Disciplines


As you know, Gino and I are on a mission to help driven entrepreneurs make an even bigger impact on the world, and to do so while experiencing peace.

Whether you’re a new face here, or you’ve been here for awhile, there’s a few important questions that I want to answer. 

Can I really stay driven and successful, while experiencing peace?

The simple answer is, yes.

When I say peace, sometimes people have a hard time defining it. You may think about someone meditating all day, which most of us don’t have the ability to do. We want you to still do everything you’re doing, but to feel good doing it. To release the cycle of making decisions from fear, stress, or reaction, and find the space where your true self is making decisions.

It doesn’t mean there won’t ever be stress in your life. It means you come from a different place when engaging with it. 

What is the 10 Disciplines Group Coaching Program?

Being driven gives you 10 times the fuel of most human beings, but there’s opportunity for 100 times. To reach 100x, you have to start making your decisions from the inside-out, instead of outside-in. 

The 10 Disciplines helps you create a foundation and a platform for space that allows you to do the inner work. As Gino often says, it’s going to help you become incredibly successful in your outer world, but it’s going to help you really start to do the work on the inner world as well. 

How do I know if it’s for me?

If you’re here, chances are you’re driven, and already are familiar with the constant feeling of wanting to be, achieve, and do more.

You can also take the assessment to see how much of your true self shows up in the day to day. You can download Gino’s talk to learn more about the 3 discoveries, and join us for his next live event on September 6th. 

What will change for me after the program? 

The changes are so different for each person, but I consistently hear that many different areas of our clients lives were affected. That they expected to focus on productivity or business, and discovered that they also became a better leader, and a better parent. 

What I can say is that afterwards you’ll be making decisions with more clarity. You’ll have more time in your life for what’s truly creating results. You’ll have better relationships with those around you. And you’ll have more impact, both from your actions, and from those around you who are inspired by your own change. 

I can say that every person who has come through has been amazed, consistently rating our sessions high. 

The 11-week workshop, masterfully facilitated by Rob Dube, was life-changing. Each week was a relaxing, thoughtful journey to discovering my true self in the midst of all the chaos. I am deeply inspired and ready for the rest of my life. I recommend this program for anyone who is a driven entrepreneur.

Mike Gruley

Our next Group Coaching Program starts on September 6th.  We’d love to see you with us.