Why Understanding Yourself Is Crucial For Entrepreneurs


We talk a lot about how The 10 Disciplines help you Understand, Protect, and Free yourself. But you may not know why understanding yourself furthers your growth both in your outer world, as well as your inner world. 

Think of the last decision you made in your business. Maybe you signed a big contract, let someone go, or made an investment. Why did you make it? 

Chances are, your why – or the one you initially give –  relates to your outer world. You made it to affect your business’s growth, your ROI, your success. We’re naturally designed to focus on those external goals. 

But what’s beneath that? Was it rooted in your true self, the authentic essence of who you are? Or, did it originate from the ego, fueled by external validation and comparison? Was it a decision made from a place of love, or did fear, worry, or pain sneak into the driver’s seat?

Once you truly understand yourself, those decisions, and knowing where those decisions come from will bring you so much clarity. Those hard decisions become less challenging when you know you’re making it from your true self, grounded in love, instead of fear, worry, or pain. 

This clarity is a game-changer. You’re not just navigating your business; you’re navigating it from a place of genuine understanding and love. You’re working with your Driven nature, rather than letting it overpower you. 

Your inner world is the foundation. Understanding yourself lets you reclaim energy, and peace of mind for your business so you can be the strongest leader you need to be. 

If you need to reconnect to yourself and your foundation, be sure to take the True Self Assessment to see where to focus your attention next to get best results.