Imagine What Life Would Be Like…

10D - Imagine-Life

I’m often asked what it’s like when the 10 Disciplines are fully integrated into one’s life. 

My answer is that this journey reshapes not just your business but every aspect of your life. 

Here’s what happens when you fully embrace the 10 Disciplines: 

  1. 10-Year Thinking: Your mindset is going to shift from short-term to thinking in ten year timeframes, providing absolute clarity on your daily actions. 
  2. Take Time Off: Taking time off will take on a new quality of peace and rejuvenation that comes from truly disconnecting from work.
  3. Know Thyself: You’ll begin living more authentically, being true to yourself every single day. This authenticity will flow into every interaction, deepening your relationships and enriching your life. 
  4. Be Still: Being still will introduce a calmness into your daily routine, again, providing clarity and reducing stress.
  5. Know Your 100%: By understanding your 100%, you’ll find an optimal balance between work and life, ensuring that each hour you dedicate to your work is impactful and meaningful. 
  6. Say No Often: Saying no often will empower you to focus on what truly aligns with your goals, enhancing your productivity and sense of purpose.
  7. Don’t Do $25-an-Hour Work: When you stop doing $25-an-hour work (or work below your pay grade), you will be focused on the highest-impact activities that give you maximum energy and make the greatest impact. 
  8. Prepare Every Night: Preparing every night will ensure you are 100% prepared and clear so your days are filled with purpose and direction.
  9. Put Everything in One Place: By putting everything in one place, you will bring unparalleled organization to your life, clearing mental clutter.
  10. Be Humble: By embracing humility, you will transform your interactions and connectedness in all your relationships.

Try out this exercise to help you envision what life will be like for you:

  • Find a Quiet Space: Choose a comfortable and quiet spot where you can be undisturbed for a few minutes.
  • Close Your Eyes and Breathe Deeply: Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and release any tension.
  • Envision Your Future: Picture yourself six months from now, having fully embraced The 10 Disciplines. Visualize how you start your day, the calmness in your mind, the balance in your life, and the depth in your relationships.
  • Feel the Changes: Imagine making a huge impact all with a deep sense of peace. 
  • Reflect on Your Relationships: Picture the deeper, more authentic connections you have built.
  • Acknowledge the Growth: Reflect on how much you’ve grown, the new perspectives you’ve gained, and how these changes positively affect your life and business. You’ve gone to another level personally and professionally. 
  • When you’re ready, open your eyes and return to the present, carrying this vision with you.

There is no doubt in my mind that you might pick two or three of the disciplines to focus on and incorporate into your life. That’s great, but of course it also pains me because they are truly most powerful when working together. My hope for you is that you feel inspired to make real change and incorporate all ten so you receive the greatest impact. 

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Or Joel who now has more time for his personal life, and work that creates real growth and profits.

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