The Power of Peace in Driving Success


Last week was, as my good friend Anese Cavanuagh says, “richly scheduled.” My team noticed… Kristen, who heads up our operations, said to me, “you seem like you’ve got a lot going on.” She was correct. I had a big decision I needed to make, I was preparing for our new podcast, The Shed and Shine Podcast, to go live, and a host of other items that required me to be laser focused. The beautiful thing about it all was that on the inside, I felt peace. Really! 

As driven entrepreneurs, we want to make an impact and relentlessly pursue our goals to do so. Can peace be present when we are richly scheduled, dealing with issues, making tough decisions, and everything that comes with building our companies? For many years while I was building the company I co-founded, imageOne, I thought the only time I’d find peace would be when I retired or sold the company (and I wasn’t interested in doing either)! Somewhere along the way I realized that it actually was possible . . . I could make a huge impact and have peace at the same time. To get there required me to focus on my inner world so I could free my true self. 

Impact Through Peace

First, what do we mean by “impact” and “peace?” Impact is about creativity, productivity, and serving others, while peace involves self-trust, joy, and feeling connected. As driven entrepreneurs, we’re no strangers to the art of doing and doing and DOING – we don’t stop! However, embracing peace can significantly enhance our impact. Imagine interacting with your team, clients, and loved ones from a place of calm, joy, and clarity. This shift not only improves your well-being but also fosters trust, comfort, and willingness in others to follow your lead. When we vibrate at a high frequency of peace and joy, we naturally attract and uplift those around us, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Unlocking True Success from Within

Peace naturally resides within us, but for most it seems to get lost somewhere along the way. When we operate from a place of love and peace, we make decisions with clarity and alignment with our true selves, moving away from the adrenaline-driven actions towards a state of bliss, strength, and ease. This doesn’t mean relinquishing our drive; instead, it’s about harmonizing our drive with our inner peace to unlock true success. Consider how different your approach to challenges and opportunities would be if you were grounded in peace rather than swayed by external pressures or fear-based thoughts.

3-minute Journaling Prompt

  1. What barriers within myself have I built against peace? Reflect on the fears, shame, regrets, and past traumas that might be holding you back from experiencing true peace and how they affect your business decisions and personal growth.
  2. How can I align my entrepreneurial drive with my inherent peace? Think about practical steps you can take to remove these barriers and embrace peace as a core part of your entrepreneurial journey, thereby enhancing your impact and success.

Gino and I are on a heartfelt mission to demonstrate that being driven and having peace are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary forces that can lead to greater success and fulfillment. As Rumi beautifully put it, with a twist, “Your task is not to seek for peace, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Let’s change our old entrepreneurial habits and start breaking down those barriers and embracing the peace that is inherently within us, to make a bigger impact in business and life.

Our next Group Coaching Program starts on March 25th. During our 10-session program, you will learn to deepen your understanding of yourself and, with that knowledge, how to protect your boundaries to free your True Self and ultimately Shine. Join us to harmonize your drive with your inner peace and unlock true success and impact.