What Does Mastery Of The 10 Disciplines Look Like?


Something we often hear from clients is that they haven’t yet mastered all of the disciplines. When we question what further mastery would look like for them, often they don’t know. What they do know is that they haven’t achieved it yet.

While the drive towards perfection may always be with you, the 10 disciplines aren’t about suddenly achieving something. It is about creating a foundation in your life, which you’ll use daily. Having that foundation in place is what will enable you to maximize both your outer world and inner world success and mastery.

If you listen to the interview that comes with the audiobook edition of Shine, you’ll discover why I like to use the word journey to talk about this process. It is truly a journey. The pieces of the foundation that you use may change a bit day by day. If you only use one discipline a day, you’re further along than most people. When you layer others over top, your results strengthen.

You can commit to understanding how each works in your own specific life, and what mastery looks for you. Be Still may look like one thing for you, but as you may have heard me talk about, for me it looks like a very untraditional style of meditation. What works for me may not work for you. That’s the beauty of the journey.

Once you’ve mastered your inner world, you will feel whole and complete, fulfilled, and peaceful, along with enjoying the accomplishments you achieve. Having a solid foundation with the disciplines is what will get you there.

If you’re ready to lean into your inner world journey, I invite you to join us for the next round of The 10 Disciplines Group Coaching Program. You’ll learn how to harness your drive, and to shed the barrier and layers that prevent you from creating the balance between impact and peace, and your True Self. Doors will close Monday morning – don’t wait to join us.