Why a Strong Framework Matters 

Why a strong framework matters for driven entrepreneurs

I’m feeling proud this week. Recently, I sent a request to a group of people I respect. Included on the list were clients that have completed the 10 Disciplines Group Coaching Program and some who are part of our True Self Mastermind. Three of the clients said no . . . gracefully. It’s something they would have said yes to in the past but now, because they have a strong framework in their lives with the 10 Disciplines, in this case with Discipline #6: Say No Often, they are clear on what gives them energy and how they should be spending their time to make the greatest impact. 

Why is a strong framework in your life key to maximizing your energy, impact, and inner peace?

You must take seriously the understanding of Self. Not the surface stuff . . .Your True Self. 

Your True Self is the real you – the most authentic version of who you are. It’s unshaped by societal expectations, professional roles, or social masks. It’s the core identity that remains constant beneath the various ‘hats’ you wear in different areas of your life. It is typically buried behind your ego, personality, and the suit of armor that you have developed over your lifetime due to pain, trauma, and conditioning.

This deep knowledge of YOU guides you through business and personal decisions (you make 10 times more decisions than the normal person) to ensure you make your decisions from love, not fear. 

3-minute journaling prompt:
Take a moment to consider a recent setback. How did your understanding of your strengths, values, and limits play a role in the outcome? Envision how a clearer self-understanding could provide more peace in that circumstance in the future.

You must get clear on what your boundaries are. Once you have a deeper understanding of yourself and how you want to live your life, you will protect yourself with these clear boundaries. Trust me, you’re going to be challenged every day, many times per day. Should I hire/fire this person? Should we invest in a new market? Should I miss my kids’ game for the big meeting? 

3-minute journaling prompt:
Reflect on a time recently when you weren’t clear about your boundaries and made a decision that you regretted (usually from fear)? This can be a big or small decision – as simple as taking a 30 minute meeting as a favor to a friend that you were dreading and would drain your energy. 

Why Having a Framework Matters
You must have a strong framework in your life. It keeps you focused, steady and on course, no matter the challenges you face. It enables you to channel your energies effectively, make an impact in the right places, and maintain an inner calm that is undisturbed by the busyness of our everyday lives.

3-minute journaling prompt:
Make a list of the framework you currently have in place for your life (if you don’t have one, that’s ok, most don’t). How is it working for you? Where can it improve? What needs to change and why? 

I encourage you to commit to understanding yourselves and protecting your boundaries from this day forward. Your drive will now be channeled in the right places and you will find something you may not have thought about in awhile . . . peace. Ahhhhh!

Our next Group Coaching Program starts on March 25th. During our 10-session program, you will build the framework to manage maximizing your energy, impact, and inner peace in all areas of your life. You will deepen your understanding of yourself and, with that knowledge, how to protect your boundaries to free your True Self and ultimately Shine.